West Mill Creek Park

This 10 acre park, nestled along Mill Creek in Gladwyne, is a lovely refuge from the concerns of everyday life. If you didn't know, you could easily pass this park and never know it existed. Once inside, however, the peacefulness of the setting is instantly relaxing. This is particularly true if you venture to the creek, sit down on one of the large rocks on the shore and watch the water flow. Dogs seem to love the park and often go down to the water's edge for a drink. The park allows owners to walk with their dogs off-leash as long as the owner brings a leash and keeps a close eye on her pet. There is also a picnic area should you care to partake. At 10 acres, the park is ideal for a nice walk or jog. It's conveniently located, just 5 minutes from downtown Gladwyne.

With amenities such as West Mill Creek Park, it's easy to see why people love to live in Gladwyne and why Real Estate values continue to grow.

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