South Ardmore Playground

This is a wonderful playground that is little changed since I played there as a child over 50 years ago. It is quite large at 18 acres, and includes multiple baseball diamonds, basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields. There is also a playground and picnic facilities. It has walking trails and wonderful old trees. There are leagues of various kinds that run from April until October and it's fun to come out and watch the games.

At one time, the tennis courts were red clay but now are hard courts. This is more in tune with the how the game is played today. There are picnic facilities as well and it is common in good weather to see families enjoying meals at the large wooden tables.

There is a trail that runs around the periphery of the park. It's a nice walk of approximately 1 mile if one walks all the way around.

Parking is plentiful for this park as there are parking spots for approximately 30 cars at the edge of the upper part of the park. The surrounding homes have driveways and garages so one can easily park on the streets bordering the park.

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