Haverford Reserve Community Park

The park was built in 2007 on the site of what was once Haverford State Hospital. It's 45 acres in size and includes playing fields, a dog park, a playground and a community recreation center (CREC) for events. There is a nature preserve adjoining the park on the west.

As community parks go, Haverford Reserve is exceptional for the number and size of its playing fields. There is one artificial turf field that includes a baseball diamond and a lacrosse/soccer field. There are 2 additional football/soccer fields and one more baseball diamond. These fields see a lot of use from local leagues of various kinds as well as community members of various ages, trying to polish their skills.

Haverford Reserve dog park has enclosures for large and small dogs, water fountains, pickup bags and waste receptacles. Dogs must display current license and vaccination tags. It's a great place for dogs to run and play and for owners to relax.

There are 8 separate trails, 6 miles in length, that run through the nature preserve. There are maps displaying the trails by the CREC and at the northern end of park, near the condominiums. The trails are clearly marked.

Freedom Playground is all accessible and was built and is maintained by volunteers. There is a picnic area adjacent to the facility.

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