Haverford College Walking Trail

The walking trail at Haverford College almost fully encircles the campus of this lovely and highly regarded school. It is open to the public in daylight hours and you are free to bring your dog as long as she's leashed and you clean up after her. There are runners and walkers of all kinds on the trail which is wide and durable. Most of the trail runs through the woods that surround the college. The beginning is by the main entrance to the college and the ending is by a flowing brook across from the duck pond.

The college is a wonderful resource for the local community as well as the students and faculty. I have noted the virtues of the walking trail above. Just as many or more people enjoy the famed duck pond. 50 years ago I recall skating on the pond with hundreds of others during the cold weather. Winters have been warmer
in recent years but that just provides more time to feed the ducks and observe the aquatic wildlife, such as turtles and trout, that inhabit the pond. The college seems perfectly sized for its purpose and fits into the surrounding community as if it has always been there.

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