SEO Tools that are Useful for Real Estate

To say that are many SEO tools on the web is an understatement. There's at least a gazillion, maybe 2 gazillion. So, how do you choose? Below is a list of tools I have used with some remarks on each. Some tools are free and some have a monthly or yearly subscription fee. You may want to try a for-pay tool at some point, even if it's only for a month. My general advice is try some tools and see which ones you like before investing. Further advice is to concentrate on the content of your site above all and don't obsess over page ranking for keywords. That said, you shouldn't ignore SEO either.

Google Webmaster Tools
Not an SEO tool as such but does include SEO-specific information. It shows you html improvements that you could make to your html such as eliminating duplicate titles and meta-descriptions. It has a relatively complete list of backlinks to your site and also can display internal links. Search queries in which your site has been listed and the rank are available as well. The number of pages from your site that have been added to Google's index are shown as well as the keywords used on your site and their 'importance.' All and all GWT is very useful, perhaps the most useful tool in general, and on top of that it's free.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider
This is tool that you install on your computer that can crawl your site or sites and then provide a detailed report on various html elements such as Page Title, H1, H2, Meta Description, etc. It's easy to use and understand. The tool can also generate an xml sitemap. I tried the tool based on a recommendation and then decided to purchase a year's license for approximately $150. A british company created the tool and the license price is in pounds sterling.

This tool provides a review of your website from multiple perspectives including SEO, mobile optimization and Social platform reference. It can generate a detailed report of tasks for optimizing your site. The review is easy to understand and it's actionable. You can get a free subscription for a week and it's $49 for a month.

This site has several tools which are free. The SERP checker has several excellent features. First, you should register and obtain an account. You can then set up 25 separate keyword searches per domain and also can configure up to 3 competitors. This information is saved and you can run the 25 searches and see where you and your competitors rank, as long as you rank with the top 300 results. It will also save your results for a month and so you can see your progression over time

This tool can show you backlinks to your site and to competitor's sites. It supports export of the information to pdf or spreadsheet format. It can also also generate SEO reports. The site provides a lot of information. The free plan limits the amount of information provided, export capability, etc. The professional plan is $79/month

Domain Age Tool
This free tool allows you to enter multiple domains and display their age. My site has only been live for a little more than 3 months. At times, I've thought that domain age was a significant factor in ranking but even in this short time I've seen my ranking rise for some terms. Everyone, including Matt Cutts, admits that it's difficult for a site to rank for the first few months. After that it seems less important.

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