Phoenixville School District Home Sales 2016

Phoenixville School District Home Sales 2016

The demand for residential real estate in Phoenixville School District continued to be strong in 2016. See statistics and relevant graphs at the following link:

Phoenixville School District Real Estate Statistics 2016

Sales Breakdown by Property Type

Single/detached: 264
Twins/semi-detached: 77
Townhouses: 166
Unit/Flat: 21
Mobile Homes:12

Sales breakdown by Property Category

Condominiums (usually unit/flat): 37
Properties with Homeowner's Association (usually townhouses): 172
Other (usually singles and twins): 331
New Construction (could be of any type): 23

At the time of this post, there are 112 properties for sale in the school district, less than 3 months supply given that approximately 45 properties sold per month in 2016. This has been one of the hottest markets in the area, and though inventory is low in most area school districts and towns, that is particularly the case in Phoenixville. Despite the low inventory, the average price of sold properties increased just 1%. One would expect home prices to rise in Phoenixville, given that almost 13% fewer houses were listed for sale in 2016 than in 2015 and that there is clearly a strong demand.

4 - 5% of sales were new construction. 80% of these were townhouses in the Fillmore Village subdivision, with the balance being split among single and mobile homes.

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