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Favorite Main Line Restaurants (BYO)

We love our BYOs (Bring Your Own wine, beer, etc.)! No exorbitant liquor bills and you can always bring your favorite liquid refreshment. Tina's (my wife) favorite wine is Pinot Grigio and mine is Sauvignon Blanc, though I also love dry Rieslings and Chardonnay and have been known to finish the night with a shot of 10 year old scotch (Can you say 'Laphroaig?')

Below is my current list of faves in order of preference. Truthfully, they're all excellent. Otherwise, they wouldn't be on the list. I've stretched the boundaries of the Mainline to include Media and Havertown.

  • Nais Cuisine
    113 - 117 W. Benedict Ave., Havertown. 610-789-5983.
    This is really a fine dining restaurant without the high prices. It could be a special occasion place but is cheap enough that it doesn't have to be. The cuisine is french asian. Sauces are outstanding. I've had dishes here that I've never had anywhere else. Tina particularly likes the LobsterRavioli...
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