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SEO and SMO Education Strategy

Google 'SEO books' or 'SMO books' and you will see there are a large number of titles available on either subject. Remove 'books' from the search and a much larger list of results is returned. Search for on-line courses on SEO and SMO and again, many results are returned. In short, there's no lack of educational material available on SEO and SMO. As a Real Estate professional, one already has many subjects that one must be knowledgeable of including local property values, construction practices, population demographics and Real Estate law to name a few. How much time should you devote to these additional subjects, given their complexity and the many other important chores that require your time?

My answer is that it depends on various factors including: whether you're on your own or part of a team, whether you have an interest or aptitude for SEO and SMO, whether there is available professional help and what you're budget is for hiring said help. Given that SEO and SMO, 'inbound'...

Importance of Floor Plans

How Important are Floor Plans?

One thing we provide to all our listing clients is an electronic floor plan of their house. The floor plan is then used to market the house along with photographs, a video walkthrough and textual description, usually incorporated into a virtual tour. Why do we include a floor plan in our listings? Because of its importance to prospective buyers. Recent research by Rightmove,
a property portal serving the United Kingdom, revealed that 1/3rd of buyers were less likely to inquire about a property that did not include a floor plan. The survey further indicated that a floor plan was the second most desired feature in a listing. Having a large number of images of the property was the most desired feature. A ...

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