Main Line - DelCo Value Restaurants

Below is a list of 11 restaurants on the Main Line and in Delaware County that provide great value. The food is good to excellent and the prices are reasonable. Enjoy and leave comments listing your favorite 'value' restaurants. Click the links below to jump to the specific restaurant.


Aroma in King of Prussia offers a delightful dining experience with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine. It's also a BYOB which keeps the cost down. Overview below.

  1. Location: 10104 Valley Forge Circle in King of Prussia, PA 19406
  2. Cuisine: Their menu features a variety of Mediterranean dishes, including plenty of hummus, kebabs, lamb, and chicken. Entrees are served with Basmati rice. Desserts include multiple varieties of baklava and Turkish coffee. Portions are generous
  3. Ambiance: The restaurant is known for its quiet and peaceful atmosphere, complemented by pleasant Middle Eastern music.
  4. Service: Guests often praise the well-informed and courteous service.
  5. Recommendations: Popular dishes include the lamb gyro and lentil soup.
  6. Parking: There is ample parking available close to the restaurant, making it convenient for diners.
  7. Online: Menus and more information on their website



Bagelicious is a place to get bagels and lots more. It's family owned. See a brief overview below:

  1. Location: 216 W Beidler Rd #300, King of Prussia, PA 19406
  2. Cuisine: 20 varieties of bagels and 12 types of cream cheese. They also have cookies, muffins, and pastries. Serve eggs and breakfast meats on a bagel or plain. Various types of sandwiches for lunch including clubs, BLTs, chicken, egg, and tuna salad. Their menu is extensive for a bagel shop. It’s nice to be able to get breakfast or lunch and take home a dozen bagels too.
  3. Ambiance: Homey and low key
  4. Service: Friendly and gracious. Clean establishment
  5. Recommendations: Of course the bagels. Try the chicken salad on everything bagel, various cream cheese spreads, the nova lox and chocolate chip cookies
  6. Parking: Plenty of parking in the lot in front of the restaurant
  7. Online: Check out their Facebook page

The Classic Diner

The Classic Diner is all that a good diner should be.Here's a brief overview:

  1. Location: 352 Lancaster Ave, Malvern, PA 19355.
  2. Cuisine:
    1. Breakfast: Includes classics like pancakes, French toast, waffles, breakfast sandwiches and eggs. Options for breakfast meats include the normal variety and also crabmeat, salmon fillet, and smoked salmon
    2. Lunch: Features 22 different sandwich varieties, seven salads, various types of burgers and well…you get the idea.
  3. Service: Attentive and friendly.
  4. Ambiance: Doesn't look like a diner from the outside; inside there's more room than you might expect. It's friendly, unpretentious, and clean.
  5. Parking: Plenty in the lot next to the restaurant.
  6. Recommendations: Try the Belgian Waffle, Smoked Salmon Benedict or make your own omelette for breakfast. Excellent bacon. The Quesadillas, Corned Beef Sandwich and BLT are great lunch options.
  7. Online: For more information, check their website

The Court Diner

Conveniently located in downtown Media, The Court Diner offers a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse menu that caters to all tastes. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Location: 140 East Baltimore Ave, Media, PA 19063
  2. Cuisine:
    1. Breakfast: Enjoy classics like eggs, pancakes, waffles, and French toast, along with Chorizo for an extr
    2. Lunch: Choose from a variety of sandwiches including clubs, hoagies, Reubens, cheesesteaks, gyros, and fish tacos.
    3. Dinner: Savor hearty dishes like meatloaf, roast turkey, pot roast, pepper steak, and sirloin steak.
    4. Drink: Pair your brunch with a Mimosa or Bloody Mary, or enjoy a glass of wine or a mixed drink with dinner.
  3. Service: Experienced and courteous servers, with a Maitre D’ managing traffic in the large dining room.
  4. Ambiance: Friendly and unpretentious, featuring a counter, booths, and tables.
  5. Parking: Usually sufficient, though it can be tight when crowded.
  6. Recommendations: The Chorizo Panini is a must-try.
  7. Online: Check out the diner's Facebook Page.

Fresco Pizza and Grill

This eclectic and casual lunch and dinner eatery in Newtown Square has terrific food! It's also a BYOB. Check out the overview below.

  1. Location: 228 S Newtown Street Rd, Newtown Square, PA 19073
  2. Cuisine: A diverse menu featuring 16 different appetizers, 17 salads, 27 sandwiches including wraps and paninis, burgers, 13 pasta dishes, eight entrees, 18 pizzas, tacos, and quesadillas. Additionally, there are desserts and a children's menu. The dominant cuisines are Italian and Greek.
  3. Service: Prompt and friendly. Many servers are students from nearby colleges like West Chester and often return year after year, even after graduating.
  4. Ambiance: Relaxed and casual with outside dining available during good weather.
  5. Parking: Plentiful, in the lot bordering the restaurant.
  6. Recommendations:
    1. Sandwiches: Blackened Salmon, Short Rib, Gyro, Aztec Chicken, Ribeye Steak and Cheese, Italian Sausage. 
    2. Pasta: Hot Roma.
    3. Entrées: Salmon Lemoni.
    4. Pizzas: Barbecued Chicken, Rustica.
    5. Burgers are a favorite among many regulars.
  7. Online: Check out their website to see the menu and get more information.

Joe’s Pizza and Restaurant

Joe's Pizza and Restaurant in Broomall is a family-owned, casual dining spot known for its breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings.

  1. Location:  38 S Sproul Rd., Broomall, PA 19008
  2. Cuisine: Full breakfast menu (no waffles), lunch and dinner options include pizzas, steak sandwiches, hoagies, burgers, and a variety of entrees such as fried chicken and spaghetti.
  3. Service: Prompt and attentive, providing a welcoming atmosphere.
  4. Ambiance: Relaxed and friendly with a bright dining room featuring comfortable booths and tables.
  5. Parking: Plentiful in the lot next to the restaurant.
  6. Recommendations: Try the egg dishes or pancakes for breakfast, and the cheesesteaks, meatball sandwich or flounder entrée for lunch or dinner.
  7. Online: Check out their Facebook page

New Leaf

The New Leaf is a highly regarded Chinese/Sushi restaurant in Broomall, PA, known for its extensive menu and inviting atmosphere.

  1. Location: 2916 West Chester Pike, Broomall, PA 19008. Conveniently located with ample parking available.
  2. Cuisine: The menu features a variety of Japanese and Chinese dishes along with a well-reviewed sushi bar. Highlights include:
    1. Chinese Favorites: General Tso’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Kung Pao Chicken.
    2. Unique Dishes: Grilled Korean Beef Short Ribs, New Zealand Lamb Chops, Cumin Chicken, Crispy Coconut Shrimp.
  3. Service: Service is quick, attentive, and friendly, with large portion sizes that often require take-home containers.
  4. Ambiance: A cozy waiting area and a spacious, well-lit dining room with booths and tables. No reservations needed for small parties.
  5. Recommendations:
    1. Appetizers: Spring Rolls, Coconut Shrimp.
    2. Entrees: Cumin Lamb (spicy), Sweet and Sour Chicken (mild).
  6. Parking: Generally sufficient parking in the lot in front of the restaurant or in back of the strip mall
  7. Online: Visit their website for more information and updates.

Nudy’s Cafe

Nudy's Café is a family-run restaurant that began in Devon in 1979 and now operates 13 locations in the area. Here's a quick overview of the Ardmore location:

  1. Location: 11 Cricket Ave., Ardmore, PA 19003. Centrally located and near Suburban Square.
  2. Cuisine: Balanced menu featuring both classic and modern dishes.
  3. Breakfast: Offers 20 omelets, 11 pancake varieties, waffles, breakfast sandwiches, and 12 types of French toast.
  4. Lunch: Includes 15 salads, 27 sandwiches, pitas, wraps, burgers, and cheese steaks. The food is well-prepared and reasonably priced.
  5. Service: Quick, attentive, and knowledgeable servers ensure prompt food delivery.
  6. Ambiance: Clean, friendly, and spacious, making for a pleasant dining environment.
  7. Parking: Nearby municipal lots and limited street parking.
  8. Recommendations: Breakfast burritos, pancakes, Mexican omelet, fish tacos, crab cake sandwich, and barbecue chopped salad.
  9. Online: Visit their website for more information.

Sabrina’s Cafe

Sabrina’s Cafe is a beloved spot for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, offering a unique and eclectic mix of old-time favorites with a modern twist. Located at 50 E Wynnewood Rd., Wynnewood, PA 19096, this charming eatery is a favorite among locals.

  1. Location: Conveniently located in the Wynnewood Shopping Center, 50 E Wynnewood Rd., Wynnewood, PA 19096.
  2. Cuisine: Sabrina’s Cafe blends traditional dishes with creative twists, making each meal memorable.
    1. Breakfast: The menu features innovative items like Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, Huevos Rancheros, Breakfast Tacos, and the Kick Ass Burrito. Other unique offerings include Bagel and Lox and Shrimp and Grits.
    2. Lunch: Enjoy hearty bowls like Korean Chicken Kimchi and Jerk Chicken Rice, fresh salads such as Island Shrimp Salad and Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad, and sandwiches including Banh Mi and Sabrina’s Chicken Salad.
    3. Food Quality: Dishes are well-prepared and reasonably priced. High standards ensure meals are rarely sent back.
  3. Service: Expect prompt, efficient service with food served quickly.
  4. Ambiance: Pleasant and friendly, with outdoor seating available on a wide sidewalk. Ample parking in a large lot in front of the restaurant.
  5. Recommendations: For breakfast, try the Breakfast Burrito and Ultimate Mexi Scramble. For lunch, the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Banh Mi are highly recommended.
  6. Online: Visit their website for more information.


Delicious Indian food on a side street in Narberth! Highly rated by patrons. Generous portions. BYOB.

  1. Location: 106 N. Essex Ave, Narberth, PA 19072
  2. Cuisine: Srinagar Indian Cuisine offers a rich selection of Indian dishes, more than most Indian restaurants. The menu includes 14 appetizers, 7 Tandoori specials, 11 chicken dishes, 9 lamb dishes, 21 vegetarian specials, 13 shrimp and salmon dishes, 7 different Biryanis, and 9 types of bread. There are also desserts, noodle dishes, and fried rice options.
  3. Service: Servers are capable, knowledgeable, and friendly. Food is quickly and expertly prepared. Diners can specify the spice level for any dish they order.
  4. Ambiance: The restaurant's Narberth location provides a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere typical of the town. Upon entering, the pick-up counter is front and center, reflecting the high volume of take-out orders. To the right is a small, well-maintained dining room. Outdoor seating is available in nice weather. Post-dinner, guests can enjoy a movie at the Narberth Movie Theater or a stroll in the nearby park.
  5. Parking: There is street parking on Essex Avenue and nearby side streets.
  6. Recommendations: For appetizers, try the vegetable samosas or Gobi Manchurian. Main course recommendations include Butter Chicken, Chicken Chettinad, Lamb Biryani, and Lamb Vindalo.
  7. Online: Check out their website for more information.

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice in Havertown, PA, offers top quality Thai food. It's primarily a take-out restaurant but has a small eat-in area. It's also a BYOB.

  1. Location: 500 E West Chester Pike, Havertown, PA 19083
  2. Cuisine: The menu features traditional Thai dishes like Pad ThaI, Green, Red and Massaman Curry, along with unique items like Pad Woon Sen and Crab Fried Rice. There are 12 appetizers, 3 soups, 3 salads and 3 house-made desserts  .
  3. Service: The owner and staff are friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. 
  4. Ambiance: The dining area is small at 8 seats but the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed.. 
  5. Parking: The lot in front of the restaurant provides sufficient parking
  6. Recommendations: Try the Lunch Special which includes soup an appetizer and entree for $12.95. Other favorites include the Thai Beef Salad, Chicken Satay, Pineapple Fried Rice and Drunken Noodles.
  7. Online: Visit their Facebook Page for more information.



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