Bella Vista Home Sales Review 2016

Bella Villa Home Sales 2016

The number of homes sold in the Bella Vista neighborhood in Philadelphia decreased by approximately 2% in 2016 from 2015. There was a 13% drop in the number of properties offered for sale. See statistics, relevant graphs and further analysis below.

Bella Vista Philadelphia Real Estate Statistics 2016

Sales Breakdown by Property Type

Single/detached: 2
Twins/semi-detached: 1
Townhouses: 126
Unit/Flat: 24
Mobile Homes: 0

Sales breakdown by Property Category

Condominiums (usually unit/flat): 34 
Properties with Homeowner's Association (usually townhouses): 7
Other (usually singles and twins): 112
New Construction (could be of any type): 5

There are currently 36 properties for sale in the Bella Vista section of Philadelphia, less than 3 months supply, as 13 properties sold per month in 2016. This is considered a seller's market since there is less than 6 month's inventory. The average price paid for a home in the Bella Vista rose over 7% to $481k. Part of this rise was caused by a 12% reduction in the number of properties offered for sale. It's a case of rising demand and falling supply. Townhouses continue as the dominant property type in the Bella Vista with unit/flats a distant second. New construction in the neighborhood constituted 3.5% of properties sold. 3 of the 5 sold are in the Bella Vista Strada development.

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